• VCAI for Research
VCAI Assessment for Research.  Discover essential information about the creative abilities and strengths of your research subjects.  The Basic VCAI Report is provided as downloadable PDF file that may be accessed at any time.  Researchers also receive a Group Report containing results of research participants.  The Basic VCAI Report includes vital information about the Core4 foundational Creative Abilities. 

Core4 Creative Abilities

1. Fluency: The ability to generate multiple ideas, alternatives or solutions. Fluency is the production of numerous, relevant ideas. The more ideas you have, the more likely you are to find the best solutions to any given predicament.

2. Flexibility: The ability to abandon old ways of thinking and initiate different directions; to process information in different ways given the same stimulus. Flexible thinking is especially important when logical approaches fail to produce satisfactory results.

3. Originality: The ability to produce ideas that generally are not produced or ideas that are totally new or unique. Originality may result from combining and synthesizing something new. Originality involves getting away from the obvious and commonplace or breaking away from habit bound thinking.

4. Elaboration: The ability to embellish ideas with details or create an intricate plan. Elaboration involves implementation and production of a new idea/invention/program.

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VCAI for Research

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